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Corrin Ainley
Rener Health Clinics

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  • Healthy weight program for kids
  • Nutrition to support growth, learning and behaviour
  • Helping fussy eaters
  • Restore healthy balance of intestinal microbiotica
  • Improve protein digestion
  • Better immunity
  • Improve sleep


Are you worried about your child’s health, eating habits, mood and behaviour?

Common symptoms we see are; fussy eaters, food allergies, constipation, diarrhoea, eczema and asthma, anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity, leg pains,  sleeping difficulty, high pain threshold and a sensitivity to sound, taste and smell.

Many parents desperately want to help their child, and are looking for a natural and safe option. This is where we can help.

Any number of underlying imbalances in the body and brain can interfere with a child’s ability to be calm, concentrate and socialize easily. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, digestive disorders, toxicity, inflammation and Pyrrole Disorder are some underlying causes.

At Resolve Nutrition Perth we identify and address these factors through diet and natural supplementation.

We use child friendly supplements that taste great and can be added to your child’s favourite food or drink.

Corrin Ainley"When parents report that their child will no longer be held back at school and teachers can’t believe the difference in their child’s learning and behaviour, it’s the most rewarding part of my job.

Children are remarkable in how quickly they respond when given the right nutrition. And it’s all natural."

Corrin Ainley, Nutritionist


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Our Perth Nutritionist has extensive knowledge and experience in children's health. We use special diets, nutrient therapy, chelation therapy and digestive support to greatly improve the physical, mental and emotional health of children diagnosed with ASD.

Autism Research Institute
ARI Publ. 34/March 2009

  • 27,000 parents of children with autism spectrum disorder report which treatments were effective.
  • 69% of ASD children got better when using Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet
  • 74% of ASD children got better with Chelation Therapy

Download the ARI report

What people say about us...

"My four year old son with acute Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) was struggling with many of the everyday things we all take for granted. His fear and anxiety levels had hit a new high with the commencement of kindy. He screamed about how scared he was and he was unable to sit still and would not participate.

My son’s sensory issues mean that he struggles to touch food let alone get it near his mouth. Our home was becoming a battleground at mealtimes, each meal usually ended up with one or both of us in tears and the family was all suffering as a consequence had met many dieticians along the journey who all failed to understand that it wasn’t that I didn’t know what to feed my son it was that he was unable to eat it.

When we met Corrin we were at our lowest point and out of new options. Corrin immediately saw our predicament. She discovered my son suffered from "Pyrrole Disorder" (also known as Pyroluria). This meant that his brain was likely not getting any intake of Zinc and Vitamin B which were both essential.

Within the first week of taking supplements his anxiety levels and fear subsided considerably. He began to concentrate better and learnt how to write his name. He put on 4 kilos in a matter of weeks and had a massive growth spurt. He looked healthy for the first time and I guess the biggest thing was that he looked HAPPY.

The natural supplements have saved us from having to go down the only road that had been left before us (medication) which I was desperate to avoid with my beautiful 4 year old.

I would encourage anyone in the same position I was in, whether you child has SPD, Autism or any behavioural issues to try this simple yet hugely effective natural option to help their child. My only regret is that this disorder and treatment process is not more well known as my poor son has had to struggle terribly on our journey to find him help and if we had met Corrin earlier perhaps we could have saved him some of this angst."

Vanessa, Perth


What people say about us...

"I am a mother of a three year old with an extremely limited diet, refusing to even try new foods, with erratic behaviour, tantrums that last for an hour and waking up often during the night.  

I am so thankful I found Corrin who was the first person to reassure me that I had every right to be worried and that she would certainly be able to help!

My son has been taking supplements since our first appointment last November and he hasn't looked back since!

There is most definitely improvement with his mood, behaviour and sleep (I have confidently sent him to Kindy this year without fear of a phone call from his teacher about his behaviour!).  I am so happy that he is happy and he can live his life in a more positive frame of mind.

 I am excited to work with Corrin and start the small steps to improve his eating patterns as I have complete faith that she will assist me to the utmost of her ability!  Corrin is really passionate about her job and I know she truly wants to help improve people's lives!

I have no hesitation in recommending Corrin to anyone who is wondering "where to next" with their child - you will be surprised how she can help!"

Mrs M, Subiaco

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