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Top 3 Weight Loss Secrets.

by on 01 January, 2015


The start of a new year is a great time to make changes, but no one wants another fad diet. Here are some ideas to create real changes to your body, that will last a lifetime.

Successfully losing weight is not all about counting calories, it’s how your mind and body responds to food that makes the difference. Some foods can increase your appetite, change your hormones, causing fatigue, causing inflammation and make you toxic.  These foods, no matter how low in calories, will be increasing your waist size!


1.  INCREASE FIBRE: both soluble and insoluble fibre have real health and weight loss benefits by feeding healthy bacteria, keeping you fuller for longer, increasing absorption of nutrients, removing toxins from the body and cleaning out the gut.

2.  ELIMINATE SUGAR: sugar is sneaky, it’s now in almost all commercial products. Most people don’t realise how much sugar they are consuming in these unsuspecting products. Sugar is addictive, if you are consuming a lot of sugary foods your overeating will not be due to a lack of willpower, it is due to the effect sugar has on the brain, driving us to eat more.

3.  EAT WHOLEFOODS: eat food that resembles how they are in nature, if you can’t recognise where it came from it will contain lots of nasty chemicals that sabotage weight loss.


The brain.  Changing how we think, feel and our habits are the most important part of a successful weight loss program.
The best way of transforming habits is to find an alternative that gives you the same pleasure. It might be replacing coffee with a delicious herbal tea, replacing regular chocolate with homemade raw organic chocolate or bliss balls, or finding a superfood treat.  

A successful way of getting the mind, body and emotions working for you is with the BodyTalk System. This is especially helpful for people who compulsively overeat, emotional eating or body image issues which all sabotage our success.
There are a lot of fad diets out there and it can be confusing. Each person’s biology, needs and lifestyle are different and no one diet approach fits all. It is important to get good advice, listen to your body and decide what’s right for you.


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