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Emotional Disorders

by on 18 December, 2014


Emotional disorders devastate the lives of millions of people and their families, and the current treatment with psychotherapy, counselling and pharmaceuticals does very little to get to the root cause or provide permanent change.

As someone who has suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder I have diligently sought out the most effective treatments of emotional disorders.
I feel very fortunate both professionally and personally to provide two very successful treatments. The combination of high dose nutrient therapy to address biochemical imbalances, and the BodyTalk System work exceptionally well.

As all of our neurotransmitters relay upon certain vitamins and minerals for their production, poor diet, toxicity, genetic abnormalities or underlying disease can be a cause of neurological and emotional disorders.

Kyroptopyrroluria, also known as ‘Pyrrole Disorder’ is one such condition. People with Pyrrole Disorder have genetic abnormality which results in the body producing excessive amounts of Pyrrole’s. This molecule is toxic to the brain and can cause disturbances in mood and emotions.

Common symptoms are:

•    Poor morning appetite
•    No or little dream recall
•    White spots on finger nails
•    Pale skin, stretch marks, poor tanning
•    Acne, allergy
•    Sensitivity to light, sound, taste, touch
•    Abdominal tenderness and constipation
•    Mood swings, anxiety
•    Poor coping with stress
•    Social withdrawal
•    Gold hands and feet
•    Creaking knees
•    Overcrowded teeth
•    Panic attacks

Testing and treatment for Krytopyrroluria is simple and improvement is often seen very quickly.

The BodyTalk System works on a deeper level to address our patterns of behaviour, traumatic memories, emotional reactions and stress. It provides a holistic and scientific explanation and treatment for PTSD, anxiety, stress and depression.

Every cell in the body is affected by the sending and receiving of neuropeptides (neurotransmitters or hormones). These neuropeptides carry messages within the body and help regulate all the functions of the body as well as the storage of our memories.
 All thirty trillion cells of the body contain all our experiences and respond to our thoughts and fears, often on a very subconscious level.
When we go through a traumatic event the emotion and memory of that event is stored in the body as an Active Memory. Active Memories carry an ‘emotional charge’, whether it be; anger, fear, sadness or anxiety, even many years later. Something in the environment (a person, place or situation) can trigger the emotion causing a person to relive that feeling over and over again, like in the case of panic attacks or PTSD.
A Bodytalk practitioner will use non-invasive techniques to retrieve and disempower Active Memories so the body will no longer react in this way.

A multifaceted approach to health is always the most effective, there is always more than one cause of any problem and to remove a weed we must take out all the roots.

I hope this will help you or a loved one. To find out more enter your details on the contact page.


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