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Pleasurable weight loss

by on 02 February, 2015

Did you know a well-kept secret to weight loss is to discover pleasure?

I know it sounds strange and most of us don’t feel comfortable with the word pleasure, but it’s true.

Let me start by explaining what pleasure is because it’s often confused with instant gratification.

True pleasure is doing something that feels good at the time, in an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year later.
Eating a McDonald’s hamburger may feel ok at the time, maybe not an hour if you’re stomachs bloated and you’re tired, or a week later if you have gain an extra kilo.

So testing how long you feel good is a good pleasure barometer.

When we have found true pleasure, which in my experience is a combination of food that makes our body feel good, supports our health, and also delights the senses with a banquet of colours, textures and flavours that tantalise the taste buds, we are left feeling content and completely satisfied, leaving no room for overeating.

Did you also know that food is just one pleasure our body is seeking. Often overeaters, like I once was, are lopsided. Our pleasure bucket is being filled from one well.  If our only source of pleasure is in food, of course we will overeat.

The aim is to bring ourselves back to balance and find pleasure in other areas of life.

So then our goal is to find what gives us pleasure.  I bet you didn’t expect a weight loss plan that asked you to go out and find things that give your body pleasure!

When you’re hungry ask your body, is it food you want or another pleasure? The answer might be, ‘I feel like a massage’, ‘I want a warm candlelight bath’, ‘I want to put on music and dance’. Other ideas include; going for a walk, drinking lemon water, singing, drawing, painting, finding an art group, joining a class, tai chi, yoga, reading, writing, going to the movies, giving yourself a massage or having sex.

As with any addiction, we can never take something away without replacing it with something better. Once we do this we never go back, so your prescription is to discover what gives you true pleasure.


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